How to set up the Wi-Fi router and ANT+ receiver?

Teo Tiuca -

As outlined in the section on System Requirements, it is essential to have a minimum of 4 Mbit/s Internet connection available for the VismoX system.

1. Connect the Wi-Fi router, provided by VismoX, to the available Internet connection using an RJ45 network cable. Use the socket WAN. The router is pre-configured and the network name is ‘VismoX.’

2. Turn the router ON.

3. Now search for the Wi-Fi network ‘VismoX’ on the computer or tablet on which the VismoX system was downloaded. Connect to the network.

4. Take the ANT+ receiver and connect it to a regular power outlet. It will then turn on automatically. The red LED light is permanently ON when connected to power, and the green LED light should flash twice every two seconds. The receiver is pre-configured to connect to the ‘VismoX’ network.

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